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We offer everything! With Precision, you can find Weight Loss Solutions, Chef-prepared Meals, Protein Meal Replacement (Shakes/Drinks/Bars), HCG, Fitness Classes, Trainers, Dietitians, Detox Procedures, Obagi Products, Venus Freeze Procedures, Healthy Smoothies, Appetite Suppressants, B12 and Lipotropic Injections, and More!  
Make Your Decision with Precision - We are the home of the “Healthy Lifestyle” where all things are healthy! To get started and schedule an appointment, please call 404-496-6028 or, for your convenience, you may schedule online from the comfort of your home or office by clicking the RED APPOINTMENT tab on the right side of this page. Do you represent an organization and want GROUP RATES? Email us at customersupport@pwlconline.com.
Weight Loss with PrecisionWe are known for our results and great value. The proven programs are our “Success Package” and our exciting NEW memberships where you get physician involvement, medical assessment, program overview, proprietary food list, B-12 and lipotropic B injections, healthy protein meal replacements, and appetite suppressants. You can choose one of these packages and add services like dietitian or fitness trainer consults. It’s your choice. To get started, please call 404-496-6028.
Eating with PrecisionAnyone can enjoy these meals regardless of their health status and goals. Therefore, if you are training, staying fit, or getting fit, you can make your life so much easier by selecting this option for yourself or your family. Order by the day, week, or month.  To get started, please call 404-496-6028. Click here to view upcoming menus. Week of 3/2/15 Week of 3/9/15 Week of 3/16/15 Week of 3/23/15 Week of 3/30/15 Week of 4/6/15 Week of 4/13/15 Week of 4/20/14 Week of 4/27/15
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Fitness with Precision – Fitness is necessary for any healthy lifestyle and sustainable life-long results. Therefore, we have decided to work with some of the best trainers in the United States so that they may offer you either individualized personal training consultations and sessions or dynamic and interactive team fitness classes at our Atlanta location on Peachtree Street in Buckhead or at your facility. Our trainers work with celebrities and with people from all over the country. Now, they want to work with you so that you can reach your health goals. To get started, please call 404-922-0937.
Aesthetics with Precision – After successfully helping people lose weight over the years, it is only natural that we help both those who have lost weight with us and those who don’t need any weight loss to look and feel better from “the skin to within” by offering services like Venus Freeze™, laser hair and tattoo removal, detox ionic foot baths, detox hydrating mineral body wraps, Obagi skin care, spa and detox products, and a new line of aromatherapy products. Services are delivered by trained staff in our beautiful facilities. Consultations are free! To get started, please call 404-922-2377.